There were 59 terminal funding contracts equaling

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There were no single premium buy in sales reported in the first quarter. There were 59 terminal funding contracts equaling $115 million, down 45% from first quarter 2019 sales. Single premium buy in assets were $2.8 billion, surging 173% from prior year.

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Pretty much know April was a disaster. The question is as the lockdowns ease in May and June, what segments of retail sales are going to be coming back and what are not coming back at all, said Sung Won Sohn, a business economics professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Indications are the recovery is going to be slower and gradual, if we have one..

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Dear Doctor: The coolant pump on my 2013 Ford Taurus 3.5 liter V6 with 167,000 miles started leaking from the weep hole. This water pump failure could cause coolant to flood into the oil in the oil pan, destroying the engine. All of this is because the pump is inside the engine! Do you think owners should consider having the water pump replaced, leaking or not, to save an $8,000 engine replacement?.

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