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You’ve done a couple of things right already. You were wise to not confront him on the spot. You did not react when his emotions were strong. Never aim to undertake things inside of a aimless manner. On other hand, do they all in your systematic style. By this process, you will save you on time and find out that you may to acquire your objectives faster.

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Again, I understand Gordon’s frustration and desire for retaliation (he claims Bowyer has acted this way numerous times this season), but I wish he would have chosen a different path. Gordon is heralded as one of the greatest drivers to ever race. Even in later age and nearing the end of his career, he continues to remain a contender for a fifth cup championship.

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Actually, there have been a number of proposals about engine change put forward. Christian Horner, team principal of Red Bull Racing, first suggested a return to V8s, which was warned by Executive director of Mercedes Benz Motorsport Toto Wolff, who said that if so, Mercedes would leave F1 grid. And then, Horner came up with a new type of V6, stating that using a simplified V6, with a twin turbo and maybe a standard energy recovery system.

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