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The kitchen at Casa José is a socio-economic-cultural space surrounded by the beauty of Aranjuez

Most of the raw ingredients entering our kitchen are locally grown. Market gardens provide us with an endless list of products year round, with a special focus on vegetables.

When you sit down at one of our tables with closed eyes, we want you to feel that you are in Aranjuez, where the smells and sounds are those of tilled soil, where your sense of taste and touch perceive the texture of the vegetables; and when you open your eyes you'll discover the colours of Aranjuez in our dishes.

We share the opinion that diet is changing; vegetables are becoming increasingly important, mostly due to our changing habits.

This is why for us, vegetables take pride of place in our kitchen, and not only as side dishes. These changing attitudes to vegetables and greens can also be seen in our menu.

Our aim is to satisfy both nutritional needs and contemporary expectations.

This is how we approach cooking, with a deep respect for local sustainability, the environment, and the lifestyle and values of Aranjuez, Madrid and Spain, incorporating all aspects of culture into our growing culinary skills.

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