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Our story dates back to 1958 and the Del Cerro husband and wife team who lived opposite the local market. Given their geographical location they purchased the produce from local market gardens and farms and prepared lunches for the farmers, herders and traders who worked at the market at that time.

Over the years, and true to their philosophy of life, they had five children, all of whom grow up within the family business.

Following their original style of cooking, they opened a restaurant in 1991. Within a year of opening they had earned a Michelin star and two petrol stations (as they were previously called) in the CAMPSA Guide.

Over time the children followed in the footsteps of a culinary tradition based on the use of locally grown raw materials, creating a modern and flexible restaurant and gaining ever higher ratings in restaurant guides. All under the guidance and watchful eye of the founders of this family story, their parents.

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