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The connection between the city of Aranjuez and its market garden is, distance aside, a socio-cultural-economic affair

The farming area of the Royal Estate was restructured in the days of Carlos I with the intention of creating farming spaces within a layout of tree-lined paths. The design was first drawn up Gaspar Vega (around 1550) and were later followed by Juan Bautista de Toledo and Juan de Herrera in the time of Felipe II. This organisation was one of the most unique of its time in Europe.

The geometry of its architectural layouts. The depth of its gardens. The extent of its woods. The long tree-lined streets. The geometry of a unique landscape with perfectly aligned tree-lined paths has earned it a place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The irrigated plain, with its rich land criss-crossed by two rivers, the Tajo and Jarama, a watering system designed along with the agricultural landscape, and excellent climate, yields a diverse range of seasonal products throughout the year.

The farmers, with their sustainable agriculture and commitment to the environment, have brought locally grown vegetables and greens to prominence.

From the first historic gardens to those of the present day, that principle remains valid.

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